Is University of Phoenix Legit?

University of Phoenix
4 min readJun 22, 2022

University of Phoenix has been around since the 1970s, but even with its long history, many people still wonder, “Is the University of Phoenix legit?”

Well, it’s not your typical 4-year college. It’s tailored toward nontraditional learners who often are not able to attend in-person college classes. And that’s why some people question whether the University of Phoenix is a valid option for higher education.

Is University of Phoenix legit?

Yes, University of Phoenix is legit. It might be a different type of institution in its approach to providing access to education and resources, but University of Phoenix is accredited and legitimate. When it comes down to it, these factors make the University a valid educational path for many adult learners.

Regionally accredited

University of Phoenix is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (, which oversees accreditation in 19 states.

The Higher Learning Commission has a variety of requirements for its accreditation standards, including:

  • Academic rigor
  • Approved learning outcomes
  • Student experience
  • Institutional financial health

University of Phoenix has been accredited by the Higher Learning Commission since 1978.

Welcoming environment for nontraditional learners

It’s not always an option for students to attend a traditional, in-person, four-year university. Life happens, and whether you are a working parent, military service member or a professional who wants to change careers, you may need an alternative way to learn without disrupting your life.

University of Phoenix was designed specifically for this nontraditional path, and it’s natural that people are going to question something that isn’t mainstream. Even so, the University offers learners the flexibility they may need to change their lives through education.

Many University of Phoenix graduates are first-generation college students, but they’re also, often:

  • Veterans who want to plan for the next stage of their career
  • GED graduates who want to continue their education
  • Full-time parents who want to re-enter the workforce
  • Middle-aged professionals who want to earn an advanced degree

University of Phoenix can be a welcoming place for nontraditional learners who might feel like they slipped through the cracks at other universities. The University recognizes this can be a reality for some, and actively tries to help nontraditional learners. For example, the University works with military service members and their spouses to help them achieve their higher education goals.

The University also works on educational equity with outreach like its Tribal Operations Team. Since just 20 percent of Native Americans hold a bachelor’s degree, there’s a real need to welcome these students with flexible learning opportunities. University of Phoenix works with tribal leaders to support students and even does ongoing check-ins to help students stay on track.

Experienced faculty

Not just anyone can teach at the University of Phoenix. Its staff is robustly experienced in their fields with over 27 years of average professional experience.

The University’s faculty are not just about theory. They design courses for real-world applicability, tapping into their professional experience in their chosen fields so that adult learners can apply their new knowledge in the workplace. And since University of Phoenix faculty actually work in the industries that they teach, they know firsthand what skills you need to know to be relevant at work.

It’s an approach that’s paying off: a whopping 85 percent of University of Phoenix students recommend their instructors.

Rigorous online learning standards

The influx of online learning during the pandemic proved that remote learning can be just as valid as in-person methods and that you can’t discount the experiences of nontraditional students who learn online.

University of Phoenix started out as an in-person university, but it has offered online learning programs since as far back as 1989. While plenty of people like to question the validity of online learning, the pandemic proved that this way of learning can be just as academically rigorous.

The University was able to retain students during the initial surge of COVID-19 because it was already equipped for online learning. Actually, it was already so experienced with online learning that it created the Alliance for Virtual Learning, which provided a Virtual Teaching Academy in the early days of the pandemic to helpK-12 educators prepare to teach online classes.

Career focused

Another consideration that shows that University of Phoenix is a legitimate educational institution is the fact that its programs are designed to help teach skills needed for today’s careers.

The University also offers a lot of other career-focused perks like:

  • A Career Hub to help you pick a career based on your degree and interests
  • Alumni networking opportunities
  • Career Services for Life®, which includes free resources and career guidance for active students and graduates

University of Phoenix Is Legit

It’s easy to question things that are new or beyond the norm, but University of Phoenix is a legitimate, accredited place to earn a degree. The University’s main goal is to help people learn the skills they need to find a good career without putting life on hold. So yes, while the University is definitely different in its approach, it’s a respectable way for nontraditional learners to advance their lives by earning a college degree. To learn more, visit

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