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5 min readJun 22, 2022

While many universities offer similar curriculums and learning frameworks, University of Phoenix has built its educational model around the needs of adult and nontraditional learners. Although the University’s approach, which blends online classes and flexible start dates, may appear unfamiliar to some, University of Phoenix is an accredited institution, one that stands out from other universities in the efforts it takes to support and empower a diverse range of students.

The ways that we learn are shifting, and University of Phoenix’s approach to education is paving the way for important change. In the modern world, many of us work around more commitments than ever before, which often makes it difficult to pencil education into our schedules. And, in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, our need for remote learning is on the rise.

Therefore, although a traditional four-year degree used to be the norm, Americans are increasingly eyeing these courses with skepticism. That’s why colleges like University of Phoenix, which allow learners to earn degrees flexibly, are rapidly becoming more typical.

The Higher Learning Commission, an independent institution that sends auditors to vet universities in 19 states, has accredited University of Phoenix since 1978. The Higher Learning Commission has recognized the quality of University of Phoenix’s:

  • Financial performance
  • Student offerings
  • Staff expertise
  • Overall student experience.

This accreditation highlights the fact that University of Phoenix meets higher education quality standards. The University is proud to have provided students of all backgrounds a quality experience for over 45 years.

Overall, college enrollment dropped by 3.1% nationwide in fall 2021 because of the pandemic. While other universities fumbled over the switch to online lessons and pastoral care, University of Phoenix already had the provisions in place to continue supporting students seamlessly. In fact, its retention rates improved in 2020 when COVID-19 first hit.

It’s no surprise that the University’s students feel supported throughout life’s challenges. This is the experience of alumna Lisa G, who said:

“I am pleased with my experience with this University and my program. It was beneficial for me to be able to work full time and still make time for my studies. I set a goal to graduate with honors, and I accomplished that goal. The instructors were very helpful and understanding when I had Covid. I would recommend this institution to anyone wanting to expand their education.”

University of Phoenix’s instructors and administrators are experienced, active professionals who are specialists in their fields. The University hires faculty who have real-world knowledge in the subjects they teach. These instructors give students important industry insights and set practical coursework to inspire and prepare them for careers in their chosen niches.

The University’s faculty has an average of 13.6 years of University of Phoenix teaching experience and an average of 27 years’ professional experience. Many of the University’s faculty have served in leadership roles, too.

While students at some universities compete for their instructors’ attention in a room of 100+ students, University of Phoenix’s 24:1 student to faculty ratio is a rarity. Students learn in small groups and receive a high level of support from instructors.

University of Phoenix student Chanda T says:

“My experience has been amazing, from the staff to the instructors that assist with kindness, knowledge, and patience. I would recommend University of Phoenix to anyone who wants to continue their education.”

University of Phoenix complements its supportive learning environment and unique online curriculums with a plethora of resources for its online learners. The University gives students access to:

  • A dedicated Career Hub
  • Tutoring connections for math and writing
  • Technical services
  • Nationally-recognized honors societies
  • … And a lot more.

University student Brian W said:

“I’ve completed three courses in my program so far, all the faculty members are very supportive and helpful. The online materials are simple to use, and the University Library is amazing. Going back to school and choosing UOPX was the best decision I’ve made.”

Glowing alumni and student reviews

Plenty of University of Phoenix students and alumni have shared their University experiences on Trustpilot. It’s a good idea for prospective students to hear directly from other students to get a fair account of what it’s like to study at university. University of Phoenix students often praise the University’s flexibility and unique structure for nontraditional students.

Student Jennifer L said:

“I did not only earn my degree at age 47, something I thought was not possible, I also learned many other life lessons. For example, setting realistic goals, time management and, most important, communication with different cultures. I am proud to be a Phoenix and take pleasure in knowing I am one of many who were able to rise up. Thank you to University of Phoenix for changing my life.”

Student Shannon H said:

“University of Phoenix has allowed me to pursue my degree without being held back by dorms or time restraints. The staff and administrators are kind and supportive. I don’t have to risk my mental health to earn a degree, which is something I cherish.”

Traditionally, many academic institutions have overlooked the needs of nontraditional learners like single parents and those looking to switch careers later in life. As an institution that’s spent decades shaping thousands of students into professionals who thrive in their fields, University of Phoenix offers the learning model, tools, and faculty support that those who have faced barriers to learning need to secure the career they really want, lending credence to its respectability from students and faculty alike.

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About University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix is committed to empowering adult and nontraditional learners so they can meet their educational goals and to helping students select the career options and degree programs that best suit their interests. The University’s degree programs align with several in-demand career paths, such as in computer software, nursing, and business. Students also benefit from flexible start dates, online classes, and numerous scholarship opportunities, each of which makes it possible to earn the degree they need to secure their dream career.

What’s more, University of Phoenix’s Career Services for Life® commitment to active students and graduates provides free resources so these individuals can stay competitive in the workforce. These services include resume and interview support, career guidance, and education and networking opportunities.

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