Virtual meetings are kind of like the boyfriend or girlfriend you had in high school. The relationship felt right at the time, and you thought it would last forever. A few months in, not so much. But while your high school romances may have faded into the background, online meetings are likely here to stay. And that means it’s time to figure out how to bypass screen fatigue and build a healthy and productive relationship with your video-conferencing platform.

Screen fatigue and faux pas

The emotional and physical fatigue that accompanies seemingly endless virtual meetings is well-documented. It includes such symptoms as feeling tired (during…

University of Phoenix announced the launch of the ™ virtual assistant, its first-ever virtual assistant designed to serve as a 24/7 point of contact for students seeking information regarding their UOPX experience. In line with the University’s relentless dedication to transform the services and information available to students to support their busy lives, Phoebe ™ leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) consciousness using conversational design to anticipate students’ questions and provide answers during all hours of the day.

The Phoebe™virtual assistant is a seamless digital end-to-end software process that allows busy students, many of whom are balancing the demands of school with…

By Brian Fairbanks

At a glance

  • Online college classes are not always a “grown-up” version of the distance learning kids experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic. You might assume that an online class is just a virtual experience of the familiar lecture hall, but online college classes have a different structure than traditional, in-person classes.
  • Going to school online is all about how education can most easily fit into a student’s life, including money-saving features like digital textbooks and greater scheduling flexibility.
  • Online college is often optimized to make the most of technology, time and tools that are best suited for the virtual environment…

By Brian Fairbanks

If you’re thinking of going back to school to get an advanced degree, it might be to either compete for a new position or pursue a leadership or teaching role in your field. Or perhaps you are simply a lifelong learner. Whatever the case, when considering a PhD or a practitioner doctoral degree, the question inevitably arises: What’s the difference between them?

Both offer real-world benefits, and both can help distinguish you as a highly disciplined, trained and knowledgeable graduate. …

By Jonathan Dale

If you’ve ever tried to lead a group project, you’re probably familiar with just how challenging it can be to pull off. Maybe an issue you didn’t foresee stalled progress, or the work being produced didn’t meet the expected outcome. Problems can arise when the team and stakeholders are not on the same page.

For as long as there have been project management problems, there have been attempts at solutions. One such solution, known as scrum, is a method growing in popularity due to its adaptability. …

By Brian Fairbanks

While recent events may have brought remote learning to the forefront of public discourse, online college predates the pandemic and offers a completely different experience. Online college is not traditional college taken to a videoconferencing platform. It is arguably much better.

Online college offers numerous benefits. These include self-paced study, which means there may be room in your schedule to work part or full time while in school. It also means back-and-forth posting of assignments and instant access to most courses at any time of day. …

By Brian Fairbanks

Social capital is about more than being popular. To build social capital, a person connects to other professionals in their field of interest and develops social ties. This can be through a mutual exchange of information and opportunities. It can also be through career advice, mentoring, or coaching in career development.

Social capital can be built through one-on-one interactions, social relationships, and even group activities. The latter might involve a shared experience, such as going out for a happy hour or attending a company event. …

By Brian Fairbanks

If you’re thinking about a career change, you probably need to change your resumé too, especially if it’s been a year or longer since you updated it. In today’s internet age, the look, feel and content of a resumé have evolved. Most resumé formats and resumé templates are outdated or could hurt your job prospects in some way. You usually have only one chance to make an impression, so you want to make it a good one.

When it comes to highlighting transferable skills and experience in your new career-change resumé, here’s where to start.

How to write a resumé when you change careers

Before you…

By Brian Fairbanks

In today’s world, doing things faster and better is almost always an advantage, even in education. With competency-based education (CBE), students can do just that. By offering course credit for demonstrating mastery of a measurable skill or competency, CBE can provide an expedited pathway to both gaining new career skills and earning a degree.

How does competency-based education work?

CBE programs focus on demonstrating what you can do. Other programs may spend a fixed amount of time in each course. Flexibility, working at your own pace and greater affordability (by shortening the time to graduation) are just a few of the benefits.

By Elizabeth Exline

In a world where there are entire television series built around the concept of “bling,” and where success is measured in cars and handbags, it can feel ironic to say you have too much of, well, anything. But when it comes to work experience and resumés, you actually can. Here’s how to successfully write a resumé when you have extensive work experience, from tailoring your employment history to counteracting the forces of ageism in the marketplace.

Caution ahead!

Having a lot of work experience usually means one of two things. Either you have been working a long time, in…

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